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Einstein owns some of the most valuable domains in the healthcare industry. For the first time in more than 15 years, we are allowing our clients to purchase these valuable domains. Check out our inventory by searching your markets and specialties. Watch the screencast

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Why Do You Need Another Domain?

It's Your Intellectual Property

Once you own a domain with a specific keyword + location combination, no one else can have a domain with that combination. Purchasing such a domain name is an exclusive opportunity to invest in the future of your practice. Pay once, and obtain something that will serve as a key component of your marketing strategy for the lifetime of your practice, without any recurring costs!

SEO: Locations & Specialties

Search engines are highly focused on location data, and having that data in your domain name will help your website get found. Most user searches include locations + procedure names, and exact search matches often rank #1.

Brand Your Practice, Not Your Name

You can sell your practice, but chances are you won't be throwing yourself into the deal. Owning a domain that consists of desirable keywords rather than simply your name greatly increases the resale value of your practice. If Dr. John Jones in Sarasota decided to sell his practice, which brand do you think would provide more value...drjonathanbjones.com or sarasotaplasticsurgery.com?

Easy to Remember

Online or off, locations and procedure names are easier to remember than doctors' names. In all of your marketing, having a memorable domain name will provide existing and prospective patients with an easier way to contact you.

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